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Why do we exist


Just over a decade ago, scientists found out that cannabis has more to offer then being used in coffeeshops to get high. Thanks to lots of recent research, we now know that cannabis is a potential cure to deceases like: Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, Autism, Parkinson’s and even some forms of Cancer. But the majority of the society doesn’t know about this yet. 75,1% of the people thinks cannabis is just like any other drug: bad. By creating Releaf, we used legal ingredients of the cannabis plant to let people experience the positive side of cannabis. Hereby we want to open everyone's eyes to the possibilities cannabis has to offer.




Releaf is a first of its kind all natural stress reducer based on cannabis. To make Releaf work, we carefully combined five lab-tested elements of the cannabis plant to give the body a pure, stress relieve experience. Releaf is just as easy to use as every ordinary deodorant on the market, but works extraordinary. The cannabis elements are called cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds and have the magical power to regulate every system in our body. By using Releaf, the cannabinoids will be picked up by the body true the armpit. From here, every cannabinoid finds its way true the body.




At the moment we are testing our prototypes, and expect the first results soon. By leaving your e-mail address below we will keep you posted about the developments of the product and the most relevant news about cannabis research. Also we will notify you when the pre-orders start. 






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